Captioned Phones

by Dr. Kelli Bogue in Jackson, MI

Captioned Phones

We understand how difficult it is to communicate over the phone if you or a loved one has hearing loss. 

Texting might work for simple requests or sharing of information, but it's not always ideal for in-depth conversations. Longer communications are split up in voice-to-text and occasionally arrive out of sequence. Not only that but reading a standard phone screen can be difficult if your eyesight isn't what it used to be. In these situations, and more, a captioned phone can help. 

What is a captioned phone, and how does it work?

These phones convert voice to text and show it on a screen.

The captioned phone (landline or app) connects to a Captioned Telephone Service (CTS) when a call is made. When the other party answers the phone, you are able to communicate as if it were a regular phone call. 

Simultaneously, the CTS employs powerful voice recognition technology and experienced communications assistants to translate everything said into captions that appear near instantly on the phone's display.

What are the standard features of a captioned phone?

A captioned telephone can have the following features:

  • Large buttons
  • An easy-to-read illuminated display for persons with low vision
  • An integrated answering machine
  • Adjustable volume control 
  • A noise reduction setting
  • Caller ID 
  • Smart call blocking (for robocalls)

What are the benefits of a captioned phone?

Faster comprehension

Being able to read your conversation partner's words in near-real-time helps you to communicate with anyone you call or who calls you with greater ease. You will no longer be unable to participate in this everyday activity due to your hearing loss.

Ideal for people with low vision

Captions are displayed on a screen in large type with various fonts and colors, making them more accessible to people who have vision impairments.

More confidence

Caption phones increase your confidence during phone calls because you know you'll be able to see what your caller says no matter how loudly or softly they are talking.

More independence

You'll be able to make phone calls without having someone with you to hear what the other side is saying. This means you can communicate with family and friends, schedule medical appointments, contact customer support, or even have meals or groceries delivered to your home.

How to get a captioned phone

People with hearing loss are entitled to free captioning services and, in many circumstances, a free or low-cost landline phone, thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

For help getting a captioned phone, or if you would like to learn more about the kinds of captioned phones we offer, call us today for more information.

"Dr. Kelli was warm yet professional and is clearly knowledgeable. She connected us with the newest technology and presented many, many options for my son to select from to personalize his hearing experience. VERY highly recommend Dr. Kelli Bogue!"

Danielle L.