Custom Hearing Protection

by Dr. Kelli Bogue in Jackson, MI

Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing loss happens for several reasons. One of the most common is long-term exposure to loud noise. Also known as noise-induced hearing loss, prolonged exposure to sound levels above 85 decibels (dB) can cause lasting, irreversible hearing loss. To offer some perspective, live music has an average noise level of 105dB, making it safe to listen to for only four minutes before hearing damage occurs!

It's not always possible to avoid loud noises. Think about all the noisy places you go to, such as concert venues, bars, or sports stadiums. Maybe your favorite hobby or pastime involves sustained periods of loud noise. The key is to protect your ears when you are exposed to unsafe levels of noise.  

Our ears are incredibly delicate and complex organs that make it possible to hear. When the fragile hair cells inside them are damaged by sound, that can’t be reversed. That's why we need to take care of our ears and protect them from loud noise.

Although noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, it doesn't mean it can't be prevented. In fact, noise-induced hearing loss is the only type of hearing loss that is preventable. Awareness, hearing protection, and prevention will help keep your hearing healthy. This is where hearing protection comes into play.

Custom Hearing Protection Devices

We offer custom hearing protection that fits comfortably and protects you from loud noise. Made using impressions of your ears, these devices allow users to utilize their hearing protection for longer durations of time than over-the-counter hearing protection due to their specific fit. If you find it difficult to get a comfortable or stable fit with off-the-shelf earplugs; custom earmolds might be the answer.

Benefits of custom protection

  • More protective: They offer much better protection than standard earplugs, because we are able to ensure they are inserted to the correct depth every time.
  • More secure: Customized for your ear, they won't fall out easily. 
  • Filtered: Depending on the type of sounds/noises you are exposed to, filtered hearing protection allows you to hear the sounds you need to hear, while reducing ones at unsafe levels. 
  • More comfort: They can be worn for a long time and still feel comfortable.
  • Customizable protection: You can decide on the level of noise reduction you need, or the type of protection (depending on the activity you need them for). 

Popular types of custom hearing protection we offer

Ear Protection for Swimming

Exposure to water during swimming could lead to water trapped inside the ear canal, potentially causing inflammation or infection in the form of 'Swimmer's ear.' Additionally, for those with a hole in their eardrum, it is essential to keep water/fluid out of the middle ear space, to reduce the possibility of infection. These protective devices stop water from reaching the ear canal.

Ear Protection for Hunters 

A single gunshot can result in permanent hearing loss, which is why it's so essential for those who like hunting, shooting, and other firearm sports to use hearing protection. Designed for hunting and other high-level noise effect conditions, our hunting protection devices have the option of utilizing active or passive noise reduction (depending on your goals). Both styles help hunters/recreational shooters to hear clearly until the weapon is shot, and then suppress noise to ensure hearing protection.

Ear Protection for Musicians

You can listen and enjoy live music while protecting your ears and preserving sound quality. The earpiece of choice for performers and concertgoers is also an excellent choice for anyone who has to listen reliably in high noise environments. Thus, this type of hearing protection is also suitable for music teachers, bartenders, and dental workers.

It's essential to protect your hearing for the future. Whatever you like to do for work or fun, we have a custom-fit solution for you. Contact us today to see what custom hearing protection we can offer you.  

"Dr. Kelli was warm yet professional and is clearly knowledgeable. She connected us with the newest technology and presented many, many options for my son to select from to personalize his hearing experience. VERY highly recommend Dr. Kelli Bogue!"

Danielle L.