Captioned Phones: They Say It All

A captioned telephone is a phone that has a built-in screen to display what the person on the other line is saying in text.


Benefits of Captioned Phones

  • Never miss a word! Spend more time focusing on the conversation rather than trying to interpret what’s being said.
  • Most phones are free (see below for more information on how to get yours).
  • They’re perfect for hearing aid users!

CapTel Captioned Telephones

If you already use hearing aids, it’s no secret the huge role they can play in helping you stay connected and engaged! But what if you’re still having a little trouble hearing on the phone? A CapTel captioned telephone may be just the additional support you need.

Even better? Thanks to federal funding, the captioning service may be free if a qualified hearing care professional certifies your hearing loss and need. And with a standard phone line and high-speed internet connection, you’re all set.

Read on to learn how the phone works, how it can benefit you, and how to get one.


How It Works

The phone’s a cinch to use:

  • Dialing out automatically triggers the captioning service, which transcribes the other party’s spoken words so you can hear and read what’s being said
  • The process for incoming calls depends on your CapTel phone model — the other party can call you directly or may need to first dial the captioning service and then enter your number

Different CapTel models offer features such as touch-screen technology, large-display screens, Bluetooth connectivity, answering-machine captioning, or other options to fit your preferences. One option even works with analog telephone lines — no internet connection required.


How It Can Help

  • Works with your hearing aid, syncing with the telecoil setting to send sound right to your ears
  • Lets you control the communication experience — including turning captions on or off
  • Offers customizable settings that you can tailor to your hearing needs

How to Get One

A CapTel captioned telephone can help ensure you don’t miss a second of the conversation. To get one, start with a hearing evaluation, which will help determine your eligibility and next steps.

If CapTel sounds like a technology that might be right for you, don’t wait. Contact us today!